Spring is the perfect time for change. As we emerge from the cold and damp days of winter, we often begin a renewal process in health and well-being, improving our eating habits and stepping up exercise regimes. This change of season is also a good time to boost our financial fitness, looking at ways to save money, grow wealth, and manage finances. 

One effective way to improve your financial fitness is to adopt a few lifehacks. These low-budget strategies can help you save a few dollars in a more efficient way. Recently, I’ve resoled two pairs of boots so they’ll last another few winters; I’ve recycled matai weatherboards from a renovation and used them to build a bathroom vanity and shelves; and I’ve finally signed up for an AA Smart Fuel card for reduced petrol prices. Every cent counts!

Along with my personal finance spring-clean, we’ve ushered in a few changes to JUNO. We welcome Brenda Ward to the team. Brenda has been the editor of Next and Your Home & Garden, before specialising in financial publications in
New Zealand and Australia, including NZ Property Investor and The Australian Financial Review. You’ll also see some fresh touches to our design and layout.

This spring, JUNO is about financial choice. When it comes to investing we’re faced with a multitude of options. Sometimes decisions are hard to make, so it’s always important to educate yourself on what’s available before you invest. 

As always, we hope JUNO’s Spring issue leaves you educated, informed and empowered, supporting you in making better financial decisions.

Happy investing!