Buying a car new can be a good idea

Buying a car new can be a good idea

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Changes in the new car market mean buying a car brand-new can sometimes be a better investment than buying second-hand. Brenda Ward spoke to sales executives at Continental Cars Volkswagen and Porsche, and explains the reasons.

Price: New cars are cheaper than they were, compared to incomes. Over the past couple of years, new car prices have dropped, meaning the price of an older second-hand car could instead be the deposit on a brand-new model, with monthly payments spread over a number of years.


Technology: New cars are safer, have more airbags, and many have systems like automatic braking, warnings for following distance and blind spot alerts. Many new cars also have rear-vision cameras for easier parking. Some can even park themselves. Buy the technology now, because the longer you wait, the more outdated your older car will be.

Quality: Today’s cars benefit from years of testing, making them lighter, but stronger and safer.

Economy: Older gas-guzzlers are things of the past. With fuel prices rising, you can save a big part of your car payment in petrol costs.

New car warranties: With older cars, you could be paying big money for repairing gearboxes, motors, and brakes. You can get new car warranties for as long as five years, giving you trouble-free motoring. Then you can pay to renew them for years more worry-free driving.

WoFs: From 1 July 2014, new vehicles need to undergo a Warrant of Fitness test only at first registration, at three years, and then annually. Older vehicles must undergo a WoF test every six months.

Theft-proofing: Many new cars have immobilisers, meaning they’re not as much at risk of being stolen as an older model.

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Gizmos: Steering wheel-based music controls and gear buttons, Bluetooth mobile phone connections and Spotify make driving today’s cars a more pleasurable experience.

Finance deals: Dealerships are more flexible on payment options than they used to be, meaning that paying off your new car could now be within reach.

Registration fees: Newer cars have more modern safety features, so they pay less in registration fees than older models which don’t have such a great safety record.

Bespoke details: Buy your car new and you can personalise it with features to your own liking: Cruise control? Air-con? Heated seats? Leather?

Emotion: You’ve seen that car launched in the newspaper or on TV, now you own it. There’s nothing like that new-car smell, and knowing you’re the first person to ever have owned your new car.

So, before you automatically go out to buy another second-hand car, it might pay to check out whether your money would be better spent on a new model.

Sponsored by Continental Cars

First published 11 October 2018

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