BMW 8 Series: Investment potential?

BMW 8 Series: Investment potential?

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British website ‘The Car Investor’ has labelled BMW’s first 8 Series model a potential investment.

It was rare – only 30,621 were made worldwide. In the UK, only around 3,000 remain. It’s price when new made it exclusive, and this classic car has gathered a cult following.

Now, nearly 20 years after production stopped, this exhilarating performance car has returned. ‘The Car Investor’ has speculated that this model is also likely to be an investment of the future.

It has a great name, because the number eight is considered lucky in many Asian cultures. Plus, eight has always signalled ‘a big deal’ for BMW, Top Gear UK has pointed out: the classic 850CSi and Z8 both became cherished cars.

Now the first new BMW M850i Series, “The 8”, has been delivered to Continental Cars BMW.

Says Geoff Light, the Dealer Principal of Continental Cars BMW: “We’re very excited about its launch. We currently have the coupé with other variants to follow in due course. This is a stunning new addition to the marque’s long history of sensational sports cars.”

Those who knew and loved the old 8 Series will recognise the crisp lines that made it distinctive. Now the silhouette is even longer, with a slim window and ‘double-bubble’ contouring, a long wheelbase and a wide track.

“We think the 8 will be a collectible classic in years to come. In the meantime, be prepared to turn heads as you drive it,” says Geoff Light.

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First published 15 April 2019

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