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Reviewed by Sarah Ell

Bateman, RRP $39.99

With New Zealand in the grip of a property boom and enjoying a strong economy, one could easily forget how it could all come crashing down. 

Accountant turned investor and entrepreneur, and Ryman Healthcare co-founder, John Ryder, reminds us of the events of the global financial crisis (GFC) just eight short years ago. He looks at the lessons learned and discusses today’s global investment market in the light of those failures.

The GFC breakdown is drawn from the author’s popular investment newsletter, Global News. He dissects what caused the crash, and tells readers of the book about the advice he gave investors at the time. 

Ryder shares his own approach to investing, explaining how he analyses trends and financial models, to decide where best to put his money. 

The book also discusses investor philosophy: the tendencies that lead the inexperienced to make mistakes and lose money. 

One of the most practical sections in the book contains Ryder’s 23 trading strategies and tools, which include excellent tips and techniques for investors. 

He also discusses currency trading, commodities, and precious metals, with suggestions on which markets to invest in, to gain exposure to various assets.

Of interest to many investors in New Zealand right now will be Ryder’s take on property. You might not want to believe it, but a clear pattern of boom and bust in the residential market means we are well overdue for a correction. Ryder says property locally is at the mercy of global factors beyond our control.

He ends by looking at “things that change the world” — technology, the reshaping of society, ageing, and climate change. Ryman also provides a useful glossary.

Global Investing is highly readable. It will be of particular interest to those looking to diversify their investments. 

One last tip — don’t judge this book by its cover, which doesn’t do justice to what’s inside.

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