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Website story by Brenda Ward

For the first time, the JUNO Exchange event was live-streamed for readers around New Zealand.

About 60 people attended the Spring issue ‘Safe Investing’ event on 5 September held at the new Kitchens By Design showroom in Takapuna, Auckland. The event was filmed for Facebook and the JUNO website.

Speakers tackled the theme of safety in their areas of expertise.

John Berry, chief executive of Pathfinder Asset Management, described five ways to protect your portfolio at times of volatility. His solutions ranged from holding cash, to using derivatives as a solution, but only for the sophisticated investor.

CBRE specialist in residential subdivision Peter Turner outlined the big opportunities for homeowners offered by the Auckland Unitary Plan. The rules now allow many smaller sections to be subdivided for profit, and to release capital. Homeowners can effectively become developers, working with teams of experts to support them and to reduce the risks.

There are reasons to be cautious of the sharing economy, Nick Wilson, a director at PwC, in the Emerging and Fast-growing Business Team, told attendees. Even Airbnb profits are taxed, and under certain circumstances may be subject to GST. People who let out holiday homes also need to know the rules around ‘mixed-use’ assets.

The next JUNO event is the JUNO & Continental Cars Men’s Wealth and Wellbeing event on 5 October 2017. And the last JUNO Exchange event for the year will be held on Thursday, 14 December.

Watch the live-stream video below: