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Wealth and Wellbeing Men's Event

Guests were inspired, educated, and entertained at the JUNO Men’s Finance, Health, and Business Start-Up seminar in Takapuna, writes Brenda Ward.

Cars, Life, and Money

Nothing is more likely to make people think about acquiring money than being in a showroom surrounded by high-end BMWs.

Ninety attendees gathered among the latest models at the Continental Cars BMW showroom in Takapuna to hear about strategies for building wealth, wellbeing, and business skills.

JUNO Editorial Director and Publisher Jacqueline Taylor said JUNO was set up to educate Kiwis about investing. This event was the second in a campaign to address financial issues faced by men and women.

The women’s event held in June was so popular, many attendees came with their partners to this one, she said. 

Pie Funds Chief Executive and Chief Investment Officer, Mike Taylor described how people have been influenced by their experiences – right from the days when our ancestors roamed the savannah. 

He talked about achieving proficiency, and how people moved from their first tentative investments to trusting their money to experts. He explained how to spot a successful company, and how to recognise the first signs of stagnation and decline (called ‘maturity’) that suggest investors should move on.

Auckand Hospital emergency-room doctor Dr Tom Mulholland revealed the habits that could make you happy – and the bad habits that could be killing you, such as high blood pressure, lying in the sun, text-driving, and drinking more than 10 standard alcoholic drinks a week.

Having a wealthy life won’t automatically create happiness, he said. He’d met people with millions of dollars who suffered from depression, because they didn’t have a sense of purpose.

He gave attendees a code so they could be among the first people in the world to download his Know Your Numbers Dashboard (KYND) wellness app.

Former cricketer Dion Nash then spoke about the challenges he faced in adjusting from being a top New Zealand representative sportsman to cold-calling for sales leads at 42Below. He had to learn how to create a successful team culture before he could start his men’s grooming range, Triumph & Disaster.

In his case, work-life balance has turned into work-work balance, since his passion drives him to work long hours, but he said he loves it.

Attendees were in to win a host of prizes, including a $795 suit from Life for Men menswear store, a BMW for a weekend, Porsche glasses, and a Triumph & Disaster ‘Stash box’.

The next event will be the Summer JUNO Exchange, on 14 December.