Donielle Brooke

Donielle Brooke, Founder and Creative Director of Designer Wardrobe 

What was your money moment?

Shopping has and will always be my passion. On most occasions saving money came off second best for me, until one day I was hit with some devastating news – I was diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer. This turned my life upside down. I was unable to work and struggled to pay my bills, this forced me to become more disciplined as my life pretty much depended on it. I managed to figure out a way to marry my need to prioritise money, and my love for the fashion industry.  

Over the years of accumulating designer clothing, I saw a gap in the market for an easy platform to be developed to rent and sell clothes. From there, I decided to start my own community Facebook page in 2013. This page enabled me to gain some income by renting out my beloved designer wardrobe to fashion lovers and helping me pay rent throughout the course of my treatment. The page quickly gained momentum and soon transformed into a standalone online fashion marketplace for Kiwis to sell, buy and rent pre-loved designer clothing – a community now known as Designer Wardrobe."