Julie Cannon

Julie Cannon, Marketing Manager, Tauranga

What was your money moment?

I’ve always been a saver, but I do love to travel. When the children were younger (they’re 23 and 26 now), we didn’t have much money and I remember thinking to myself that we’d never get a holiday. I realised the only way we could ever go on holiday was to put money into a separate bank account. So, I started making a fortnightly deposit out of my wages into a different bank, into an account that had penalties if you withdrew money, but a higher rate if you didn’t. Every time I got a pay rise, I upped the amount I’d put in. I’ve had that account for probably 15 years and we’ve taken the children to Vietnam, Bali, the Philippines, Thailand and Australia; I did a girls’ holiday with friends in America; and we went on a trip to Europe for six weeks, of which three weeks was cruising the Mediterranean. I love to travel but I don’t think I’d enjoy a holiday if I thought I’d have a credit card to pay off when I got home!