Jacqueline Taylor is the visionary editor-in-chief behind JUNO magazine. Jacqueline is an accomplished multi-tasker, raising a family in the Hawke’s Bay countryside, renovating one of the country’s oldest villas and at the same time overseeing publication of JUNO, writing features and organising events for readers.

The registered primary school teacher had little formal education in money management in her youth, and although she was good at saving money, she did find the financial world quite intimidating. When she married fund manager Mike Taylor and worked alongside him at Pie Funds, she realised that the complex language of investing was stopping ordinary people taking steps towards financial freedom.

Passionate about education, Jacqueline decided she couldn’t be the only one mystified by the terminology of investing, so co-founded Moneta magazine, to help people understand the basics of investing. Later, Moneta evolved into JUNO and launched into the retail market.

Readers – both sophisticated investors and those just starting out – love its mix of plain English investing stories and beautiful lifestyle content, and JUNO continues to grow. Jacqueline’s goal is to have a copy on every coffee table in the country, so it can start families talking about money and improving their financial capability.

Why the name JUNO? The Roman goddess, Juno Moneta, was regarded as the protectress of the city’s funds. Money was coined in her temple for over four centuries. So like the goddess, JUNO wishes to help New Zealanders ‘protect their funds' by educating, informing and empowering readers with relevant investing content that supports them in making better financial decisions. 



I love Juno and the simple language it gives investing, as well as the interesting articles. Such a good read!

Gina Cardwell

"Once again, another great issue that has been useful for Economics, Accounting and Business Studies.”

Leanne Cross
Teacher of economics, accounting and business studies
Waimea College

“I picked up an issue of Juno, read it, and subscribed straight away. It is a straightforward, independent and useful publication on individual investing, with a bit of lifestyle material in the mix to keep it entertaining. Great stuff and looking forward to the next issue.”

James Burkitt

“I would just like to congratulate you, Jacqueline, on the absolutely outstanding issue received yesterday.

Your content selection is as good as it gets and, recognising that not all investors are ‘wealthy’, you have produced a magazine which appeals to a very wide range of readers.

Keep up the great work!”

Allan Maclean

“An excellent publication. Varied, interesting articles; beautifully presented and printed; literate (I didn’t see a single spelling mistake); clear, easily understood technical text for non-experts to comprehend; discreet but classy advertising.”

John Whitmore