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We talk to the experts and analyse the money personalities of the different generations: Gen Z, Millennials, Gen X, Baby Boomers and the Silent Generation. Get ahead, whatever your stage.

We also talk to Perpetual Guardian CEO Andrew Barnes about the four-day working week experiment and why you should try it.

Considered property investments? Check out our 22-page Property section for tips on how to be landlord.

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Winter 2019_In this issue_Its not me its you.jpg

It’s not me,
it’s you!


Do Millennials have it tough? Are Baby Boomers hogging all the houses? Amy Hamilton Chadwick finds some truth in the stereotypes.

Winter 2019_In this issue_OMF.jpg

Equity options explained


Do you want to take your share market skills one step further? Sharon McKendry of OMF explains how to use equity options.

Winter 2019_In this issue_Grow your first home deposit.jpg

How to grow your first-home deposit


Struggling to come up with the cash for your first house? Claire Connell asks the experts for their tips to help you get to your goal faster.