Lettuce, tomato and broccoli prices rise


You might have noticed the pinch at the supermarket checkout last month, as fresh lettuce, tomatoes and broccoli all rose in price.

Lettuce was up 77 per cent, tomatoes up 30 per cent, and broccoli up 24 per cent.


The price of a 500g head of lettuce was NZ$5.42 in July 2018, compared with NZ$3.07 in June 2018.

“Lettuce prices are now at their highest since the series began, and 2.5 per cent higher than their previous peak in May 2017,” Statistics New Zealand consumer prices manager Geraldine Duoba says, in a press release.


“July was particularly cold and wet in the North Island, where a lot of our lettuce is grown.”

But it was better news for a Kiwi favourite – avocadoes. The fruit became cheaper in July, reducing in price by 36 per cent.

First published 15 August, 2018.

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