Reviewed by Sarah Ell

The Winner’s Bible is a practical guide for achieving your ambitions that will leave you laser-focused, energised and reaping the rewards of permanent change. 

Kerry Spackman is the winner of the 2009 KEA World Class Award for Creative Thinking, and this book is based on his successful work with Olympic athletes, movie stars and business people. The Winner’s Bible gives readers mental and emotional tools to enable them to rewire their brains and rid themselves of habits that limit their happiness or potential. 

The book, in conjunction with the website, is a ‘how-to’ guide in achieving ambitions, through the creation of a personal winner’s bible.  The website supplies the structural skeleton, whereas the book stimulates thoughts and provides insights. 

The best feature of the website is the online audit. The audit helps the reader find out what others see in them – both their strengths and weaknesses – and often opens up areas the reader would otherwise be ignorant of. 

I highly recommend this book. After reading it once I have been back to it several times. The Winner’s Bible is a must-read for people of all ages.