Twenty Good Summers Cover.jpg

Reviewed by Sarah Ell

Martin Hawes has a very affable and comfortable writing style, immediately putting his readers at ease and making Twenty Good Summers a good page-turner.

The fully updated and revised edition delivers its prime message very well: Work less, live more and make more of your money. As a lifestyle concept, this sounds truly amazing and one that I certainly aspire to!

Martin’s book certainly brings this concept to life, setting out the relevant steps to follow in order to achieve your goals in three informative sections.

In our financial lives, Martin points out that we will experience “bad stuff … and a well thought out diversified investment strategy is essential.” Sound advice indeed and advice worth paying heed to. 

As you delve deeper intoTwenty Good Summers you will find a plethora of useful advice covering all sorts of issues.

One of the most important topics for me was the discussion around ‘how much capital do you have?’ Martin describes a very user-friendly way of calculating this. The message here is that this calculation is very important, so you had better get it right!

The no-nonsense approach throughout the entire book really does help you understand the fundamentals. For example, if you need to work longer to build up your capital to make things happen the way you want them to, then you simply have to do it.

As always in life, you have to act on your good thoughts in order to make anything happen and it is very apt that the last section of Twenty Good Summers is entitled, ‘Making it work.’ 

I finished this book agreeing with the author’s sentiment that life is definitely worth living and living well, so get busy with your own financial plan for the future and give this little gem of a book a read.