Reviewed by Sarah Ell

This book has a simple premise: there’s no point in living to a ripe old age if you don’t have any money. Nor is it any use having lots of dough but dying young, or being too sick or infirm to enjoy your cash. 

How can you do both: have a happy and healthy retirement with plenty of reserves to fund your twilight years?

AgeProof pools the knowledge of doctor Mike Roizen, a ‘wellness expert’ at US hospital the Cleveland Clinic, and the insights of financial commentator and writer Jean Chatzky, who appears on NBC’s Today show. 

The Chatzky-Roizen double act explains how to ‘age-proof’ your life, enabling you to “age so that you are in control of your destiny”.

AgeProof is structured around eight key health behaviours and eight finance strategies.

It starts with physical and fiscal ‘system checks’. Use these to get a snapshot of your overall health in both areas, before looking at solutions and suggestions. 

The book cleverly combines personal and financial wellbeing in a chatty, accessible style. ‘AgeProof Essentials’ at the end of each chapter help to summarise the main points and act as reminders.

AgeProof has some US-specific content – with talk of American-style 401(k) pensions and medical plans. But much of the advice and information is also relevant to a New Zealand audience. As a nation, we might not be quite as overweight or broke as our American counterparts, but we’re not far off. 

Whether it’s your waistline, your wallet, or both that concern you, it’s never too late (until you’re six feet under) to get the body or bank account you want – or so say the authors.