Natural Perfumery – Enrich Your Senses

Natural Perfumery – Enrich Your Senses



By Rachel Grunwell

One thing I do for my own well-being, and for fun, is to try new things and attend courses.

Take time out to nurture a hidden creative talent. A new skill can be a welcome escape and distraction. It may even develop into a passion.

I’ve discovered a great place in Auckland for creative courses — Studio One Toi Tū in Ponsonby Road. From art exhibitions to jewellery-making and life-drawing courses, a lot is on offer here.

Expert teachers, with incredible knowledge to share, lead workshops. These include short sessions as well as courses that run over several weeks.

Recently, I was one of 12 people who attended a three-hour natural perfumery course at Studio One Toi Tū with fragrance expert Vanessa York.

Vanessa taught us how to create and mix perfumes, and explained the differences between “fragrance families”, such as oriental, floral, and citrus scents. She also showed us how to build up the layers of a perfume into top, heart, and heavier “notes”. We had about 100 oils to experiment with, and tiny perfume bottles to fill with fragrance. 

At the end of the session, each of us ‘built’ our own natural potions, using the skills we’d learned. I left with a floral scent I had created and the buzz of having spent an inventive and informative few hours in great company.