Renew this spring

Renew this spring



By Rachel Grunwell

We always pay attention to our digital devices, making sure they’re recharged. However, we often neglect to top ourselves up with energy and passion, making sure we’re full of life. 

Spring is a time to reflect and focus on renewal. Take a fresh look at how you think and feel. See what you can do to boost your happiness. Take time to set new intentions, goals, and dreams – and chase them passionately. 

I use yoga to strengthen my body and mind. It helps me to stretch and de-stress. Yoga also teaches us about kindness and living life joyfully.

Yoga’s focus on meditation helps me to breathe well and to be still, calm, and in the present moment.

If you’re finding your life busy and tiring, yoga is worth trying. It’s for all ages, and both men and women. It may help you relax and smile. 

Here’s an easy way to try yoga without having to commit to a class. In the first of our workout series, we have two restorative yoga poses. 

Spend five to ten minutes in each pose tuning into the breath. Take long, slow and deep belly breaths (which powerfully calms the nervous system). The hardest part of yoga is for people to be still, to quieten the mind, pause and catch their breath. Once they learn to do this it helps the yogi to feel more in balance.

Child’s Pose

This pose looks like a sleeping child. Tuck your knees in under your tummy (to support your back). Rest your forehead on the ground if it can reach with ease. This is a pose to comfort you and stretch your back.


Lie on your back, close your eyes, and focus on your breath. To do this, take a slow, gentle inhalation through your nose. Pause, then take a slow, deep exhalation (also through your nose). Five minutes of this can help combat fatigue, and help you feel calmer and more centred.