The new Navman MiVue Drive combined GPS and digital drive recorder gives you confidence to navigate and peace of mind in an incident. 

Its MiVue 500 series dashcam continuously collects footage with a wide-angle lens. As well as normal traffic movements, it can record accidents or road rage, saving the footage onto a micro SD card. 

The MiVue’s got your back. When it detects an impact, it will protect the video footage. That means you can prove your side of the story to the insurance company. The camera’s night-vision mode uses a low-light sensor to enhance footage in dark conditions. A GPS tracker provides the location, your direction of travel and the speed you’re driving at, so all the evidence is on record.

The Navman won’t fall asleep on the job. While you’re away, with the car in park mode, the built-in sensor detects any impact and automatically starts to record. When you return, you can use the dashcam to take a photo of the scratch or dent, and use it as evidence.