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Website story by Brenda Ward

Cars, Money and Lifestyle

The JUNO and Continental Cars Women’s Finance and Wellbeing seminar was a lively evening of top-notch speakers, networking and bubbles.

A full house of 120 women attended the event, at Continental Cars’ Audi showroom on June 20.

Retirement Commissioner Diane Maxwell spoke about her own financial journey, from spending up large on shoes and luxuries, to smart financial decisions for her future.

Maxwell said she was concerned that women were not adequately preparing for the challenges of retirement. They needed to overcome issues like being reluctant to ask for more pay and time out of the workforce, considering they’re likely to spend longer in retirement.

Sarah Laurie spoke about her research into women and stress, and offered some simple tips for reducing the ‘fight or flight’ response in day-to-day life.

Then entrepreneur Cecelia Robinson of My Food Bag explained how she went from being a rookie at starting up companies, to becoming a true leader, who can bring out the best in a team. She’s learning the value of investment since selling My Food Bag.

JUNO publisher and editorial director Jacqueline Taylor thanked the audience for attending and announced the winners of the prize draws. 

The next in this series is the JUNO and Continental Cars Men’s Finance & Wellbeing event on October 5.