Raw Talent


Olivia Scott built her dream business The Raw Kitchen on healthy eating, raw food, and an intuitive accounting system, says Craig Hudson, Xero’s New Zealand country manager.

From making bliss balls in a back kitchen to running a successful raw-food company, Olivia Scott’s business journey has gone from strength to strength.

The Raw Kitchen started in 2013 in a borrowed kitchen on Auckland’s Karangahape Road. At night, Scott made raw cakes and bliss balls there, while also studying for a nutrition diploma and working part-time. 

Scott’s always had a passion for good food, and wanted to share this with others. As the Raw Kitchen’s cakes steadily grew in popularity, she was able to quit her part-time job to focus on building her business.

Over the past four years, The Raw Kitchen has opened a store at the City Works Depot precinct in Auckland’s CBD, and another on nearby Elliott Street.

Scott says Xero has made her job easier. In the mornings she loves to sit down with a cup of coffee, 
log on to Xero and check her accounts and who’s paid.

“Xero helped me put the framework in place to make sense of what my business even was, where it was going, and the areas I could leverage off to grow.”

She gets live feeds from bank accounts, and comparisons of spending in certain areas. She also works closely with her accountant, who uses Xero to help her with GST returns and business reports.

The Raw Kitchen now sells cold-pressed juices, salads, and hot coffee too. The software shows where the
cost of goods lies with her products, so she knows what to focus on. Scott says Xero helped her pinpoint these products, with accurate, up-to-date numbers and reports. 

“Xero has empowered me as a business owner to make these decisions to grow my business. Without it, I would have had no information to go off to be able to make decisions about the future.”

First published Autumn 2018

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