Trish Peng on the US stage

Trish Peng on the US stage


Dress designer Trish Peng knew she was onto something when women would say: “I love this gown! Can you do this in white?”

Fashion designer Peng said yes, and was soon specialising in custom bridal gowns. She’s just opened a branch in the US. Founder of American Apparel, Dov Charney, is one of her mentors. His hilltop Los Angeles mansion was transformed into the Trish Peng US showroom.

Peng says she’d just learned how to run a business in New Zealand when she expanded to LA and discovered state taxes. “It was a whole other world.”

She’s also started an innovative new side-line, ‘custom trunk shows’, showcasing her bridal designs at events within top LA wedding shops.

First published 28 May, 2018.

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